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The VŪ is the first and only Advanced Pressure Visualization System(APVS). This revolutionary technology represents a significant paradigm-shift in Pressure Injury prevention.

  •   Recognizes and tracks body position
  •   Recognizes and tracks the pressure affecting all 12 bony prominences​
  •   Provides real-time feedback and alerts to improve clinician efficiency and productivity
  •   Enhances patient care with a multitude of customizable features​
  •   Empowers clinicians with data - 24/7 - to enhance clinical decision-making​
  •   Allows patients and their loved ones to participate in their pressure management care​
  •   Delivers detailed reports that allow caregivers to assess and improve performance
  •   Compatible with virtually all support surfaces: air, foam, air-foam combination & FIS

  • Reduce

    • Pressure Injury risk​
    • Costs associated with PIs​ 
    • Lengthy hospital stays​
    • Home and/or office visits


    • Patient safety​
    • Quality of care​
    • Standard of care​
    • Timely access to healthcare​


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